• The faculty member shares their intent to resign with their department/program chair/director or, in schools or colleges without a departmental structure, their dean or associate dean. 
  • The faculty member writes a resignation letter indicating the date of their intended resignation, an explanation of why they are resigning and their new employer, if applicable. The faculty member provides the dean’s office liaison a copy of the resignation letter.
  • Once a copy of the resignation letter has been received, the dean’s office liaison will initiate approval of the resignation by completing this form and attaching the resignation letter written by the faculty member.
  • When filling out the form, the dean’s office liaison should include the required school/college/department/program approvals.
  • The form will route to the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) for approval automatically. Please do not add OFA approvers as part of the approval list as this will duplicate OFA approvals.
  • The liaison will have an optional opportunity to copy up to 5 additional individuals or units (for example, the Human Resources Service Center) for any additional processing that is necessary per specific school/college/department procedures.

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