Tenure Clock Stoppage: The campus is offering an opt-in tenure clock stoppage.

• Tenure-track faculty members who began their appointments prior to the 2021-2022 academic year are eligible to request a tenure clock stoppage due to mitigating circumstances (e.g., caregiving responsibilities, insurmountable challenges, delays, or closures as it relates to their research, scholarly, and creative work).

• This stoppage will take place in between the faculty member’s comprehensive review and the tenure review.

Process: If a tenure-track faculty member would like to request a tenure clock stoppage, they must inform their chair, director, or dean. The chair/director/dean must then inform the appropriate faculty liaison who administers tenure reviews for the unit. The faculty liaison must inform the Office of Faculty Affairs, using the Optional Pandemic Tenure Clock Stoppage Request Form on the Faculty Affairs website, so the faculty member’s tenure clock dates can be adjusted officially in their personnel file held in the Office of Faculty Affairs.

For the purpose of keeping track of changes made to the tenure clock, please copy the candidate, department, and college/school dean’s office on the approved request using the CC function below.


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