Faculty who are eligible for the CU Retirement Plan must enroll within 30 days. Contact the Benefits Office for enrollment information, forms and assistance. The Benefits website. 

The following list includes benefits allowed to retired faculty. 

  1. Status
    1. Continuing voting membership in the University Faculty Senate
    2. Rank of emeritus professor, when recommended in accordance with normal faculty  review procedures and approved by the Chancellor
    3. Invitations to attend commencement and other campus and University-wide
  2. Continuing Privileges
    1. Library privileges continue indefinitely at all CU campuses.
    2. Office and laboratory space, including limited use of departmental supplies and clerical services. These privileges depend primarily on the availability of space in conjunction with the probably productive contribution of the retired person to the department and the University. Space offered may be shared space. The department is responsible for making every effort to meet the requests of the retired faculty and the decision lies with the department. 
    3. A free parking permit which is renewed annually 
    4. Reduced monthly dues at the University Club
    5. Voluntary membership in the Senior Faculty Associates; available to all retired faculty and spouses, including surviving spouses
    6. Tickets to athletic events purchased on the same basis offered to active faculty and staff
    7. Continued eligibility for membership in the credit union
    8. Listing of emeriti faculty in University directory
  3. Additional Privileges
    1. Senior Auditor Program - Retired faculty members are invited to make use of he organized facilities for senior participation in regular University programs and classes.
    2. University Sponsored Travel Programs 
  4. Insurance Coverage - Please contact the University Benefits Office.

Faculty Retirement Process

Faculty interested in retirement should contact their chair the year before they intend to retire. The retiree and the department chair (or dean) agree to the terms of retirement in writing. This normally takes the form of a memorandum of understanding which both parties sign, or a letter from the faculty member to the chair, to which the chair attaches his/her endorsement.

The Faculty Retirement Agreements policy 

Chairs have more latitude in agreeing to other aspects of the retirement agreement, such as office use, secretarial support, computer use, etc. The written agreement is submitted to the dean for endorsement. The written agreement is then forwarded to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs. The Associate Vice Chancellor will approve the agreement and prepare a legal retirement contract between the University and the faculty member which incorporates the agreement between the faculty member and the chair. A template legal retirement contract used by the Associate Vice Chancellor can be obtained by calling the office of Faculty Affairs.