(i.e. Fellowships, Visiting Positions, etc.)


A leave to pursue scholarly work through a grant or at another institution may be granted to members of the regular tenured and tenure-track faculty by the Provost through the Office of Faculty Affairs on recommendation of the Department Chair and the Dean. In most cases, the leave will be for one year; it would be unusual for the Provost to grant such a leave beyond two years. Such leaves may be granted to:

  • permit acceptance of a prestigious grant or fellowship, or
  • permit acceptance of a temporary appointment at another institution when such appointment would, in the interest of the University, permit engagement in scholarly activities that are not otherwise practicably available, and that will significantly enhance the professional effectiveness of the individual.

Faculty must request in writing approval from their Chair and Dean.  Scholarly Activity Leaves for faculty will be reported to and approved by Office of Faculty Affairs on behalf of the Provost. Such leaves should be requested using the Faculty Request for Leave of Absence form located in the Forms section of the OFA. 

Salary may be paid through the University of Colorado at Boulder or by another institution. Ordinarily, grants and fellowships will be processed through OCG.  In those instances where the agency refuses to pay the fellowship or grant through OCG, the University will continue to pay the faculty member on Scholarly Activity Leave his/her full salary.  Faculty award recipients will then pay to the University (through the College or the Foundation) the amount of the fellowship or grant minus whatever additional tax liability the recipient may incur.  The faculty member should consult with a tax expert to determine how much the faculty member should withhold from the grant or award.

Faculty may continue benefits—such as health, life, dental, long term disability, and retirement—on the basis of the pre-leave salary, or they chose to have benefits provided by another institution, if available. Faculty should consult with benefits about any concerns during the leave.

Sick leave benefits will be earned during the period of Scholarly Activity Leave.  No sick leave benefits will be paid during the period of such a leave. Sick leave allowances available prior to the leave will be available upon return to active service at the University.

These leaves will not be approved as a basis for stopping the tenure clock. 

University service will continue to be accumulated during the leave for the purposes of retirement eligibility. If the leave is paid through the University of Colorado (listed as a “paid leave), the year counts towards sabbatical eligibility; if the leave is paid through another institution (listed as “unpaid leave”), the year does not count towards sabbatical eligibility.

Return to active service prior to the expiration of the types of leave will be at the option of the Chair and Dean.  Individuals who become incapacitated during a leave, resulting in cessation of external funding, will be returned to their former University status and provided any benefits which were available prior to the beginning of the Scholarly Activity Leave.