The following faculty titles are to be used for administrative positions within a department.


The chair shall be the principal officer of the department and is responsible for the effective and efficient administration of the department.  The chair shall also have the responsibility for providing intellectual leadership toward achievement of the highest possible level of excellence in the teaching, research, and service activities of the department, and for providing direction in academic planning and support for faculty development.  Administratively, the chair is responsible to the dean of the college as well as to the department.   With the advice and counsel of colleagues in the department and acting under the rules of the department, the chair is the departmental representative and spokesperson.   In implementing the rules of the department with respect to recommendations for faculty appointments, promotions, tenure, and salary increments, the chair may submit his/her own comments to the dean in addition to the recommendations of the department, but may not overrule decisions of the department or of regularly constituted committees of the department. 

Associate Chair

The title of Associate Chair may be appointed to departments in which size and/or complexity require the assistance of an associate to the chair.  The Associate Chair supports the work and role of the department chair and is also responsible to the dean of the college and the department. The role of Associate Chair may necessitate serving as acting chair at those times when the department chair’s schedule requires her/him to be either absent from a departmental event or, for example, when the chair is recused from personnel voting procedures. 

Faculty Director

The title Faculty Director is designated for those faculty members who serve as faculty-rank directors of academic programs and for faculty in academic programs who perform activities comparable to that of a chair in an academic department.

Associate Faculty Director

The title Associate Faculty Director may be appointed to programs in which size and/or complexity require the assistance of an associate to the faculty director.   This title is reserved for individuals assigned responsibilities similar to those of an associate chair.