Published: March 31, 2022

CU Professor of Linguistics and Anthropology Kira Hall was honored with a Best Should Teach Gold Award at the March 31, 2021 ceremony of the Best Should Teach Initiative--the first post-pandemic in-person ceremony that the program has held. Prof. Hall was nominated for the award by undergraduate students in her Language and Digital Media Honors course. Presented with her award by Kirk Ambrose, Founding Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, Dr. Hall remarked that digital media is the most potent source of linguistic innovation of this epoch, and one that no scholar of language can afford to ignore. CU's Best Should Teach Initiative was created to recognize excellence in teaching and academic leadership. The Center for Teaching and Learning manages the initiative, established in 1996, in conjunction with the School of Education and CU's College of Arts and Sciences. The Initiative also presents Silver Awards to Lead Graduate Teachers, with our distinguished LGT Rebecca Lee among the honorees. Dr. Ambrose commented that honorees this year deserve additional recognition for having transcended the extraordinary pedagogical challenges of the pandemic and having created classroom communities that sustained our students during these difficult times. Dr. Hall's 2021 Gold award places her in the distinguished company of fellow awardees Julie Andrew (Education), Amanda Carrico (Environmental Studies), Branden Steinmetz (Music), Jennifer Stratford (Psychology and Neuroscience) and Nishant Upadhyay (Ethnic Studies). Linguistics congratulates all of these talented and dedicated teachers, and acknowledges their vital contributions to CU's learning community.