ECEN 5478 Online Convex Optimization and Learning (Fall 2020, Fall 2021)

Course contents: Basics of convex optimization; online learning, time-varying optimization, online first-order methods, learning problems over networks, zeroth-order methods, Gaussian processes, distributed methods for online convex optimization. Application domains considered in the course include Machine Learning, Signal Processing, and Data-driven Control. 

ECEN 5678 Control of Multi-agent Systems (Fall 2018, Fall 2020, Fall 2022)

Course contents: Basics of matrix theory and graph theory; distributed averaging and consensus methods on graphs; fixed-point theory and parallel computation of fixed points; basics of convex optimization; parallel and distributed computation methods for unconstrained and constrained convex problems; convergence analysis; elements of online optimization; regret analysis. The techniques and methodologies presented in the course are introduced through application setups including Internet of Things, power and energy systems, sensor networks, transportation systems, and social networks. 

ECEN 5007 Optimization for Energy Systems (Spring-2019)

Course contents: Elements of convex optimization and distributed computing; convex relaxation; network modeling; power flow equations; optimization of power transmission and distribution systems; optimization of wind farms. The techniques and methodologies presented in the course are introduced through problems in power systems such as economic dispatch, DC optimal power flow (OPF), AC OPF, demand response; estimation; optimization of waked wind farms.

ECEN 3300 Linear Systems (Spring-2020, Spring-2021, Spring-2022)

Course contents: Characterization of linear time-invariant systems in time and frequency domains. Continuous-time systems are analyzed using differential equations and Laplace and Fourier transforms. Discrete-time systems are analyzed using difference equations and discrete-time Fourier transforms. Sampling and reconstruction of signals using the sampling theorem. Applications of linear systems include communications, signal processing, and control systems.