The NASA Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students, or SUITS, Design Challenge is for student teams to design and create space suit information displays within an augmented reality environment. These display and audio environments are intended to aid astronauts in performing spacewalk tasks. CU Boulder has been selected, along with a few other student teams to travel to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas to test their prototypes at the Human Interfaces with Vehicles and Environments (HIVE) lab. 

2019 Design Challenge

Develop a user interface, utilizing the Microsoft HoloLens, which enables astronauts to finish a task more efficiently by providing a set of instructions via the display environment (audibly, visually, etc.). The task requires dexterity, physical activity, and navigation between various points within the test environment.


The CU suits team believes that it can maximize the impact of its outreach by targeting a diverse group of students in the Denver/Boulder metro area. Outreach activities emphasize the NASA SUITS challenge, applications of augmented and virtual reality technologies, the engineering design process, and other STEM topics. Each member of the team can identify a rolemodel that participated in catylizing his or her passion for human space exploration. It is our mission to forge interpersonal connections with students to inspire them the way our mentors inspired us. A sucessful day of outreach educates, stimulates, and animates students.

Four girls stand against a counter. Three of them have Google Cardboards. The fourth is sharing with the girl on the right.