About the Survey

What is the Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey?

This survey offers a formal opportunity for faculty and staff to express their opinions related to their workplace.  The University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) has partnered with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (Gallagher) to administer a survey that measures faculty and staff engagement.  CU Boulder will use the results to create action plans to effectuate change in the work environment from the university to the departmental level.

What is engagement?

The field of engagement includes concepts such as satisfaction, commitment and empowerment. For our purposes, we define engagement as "a pronounced state of enthusiasm characterized by effort, pride, and passion which fosters a mutually committed relationship between employees and organizations resulting in the enduring pursuit of organizational and personal goals."

What is the method of ensuring survey content is reliable?

As part of the survey modeling and design efforts, the reliability of our survey items and thematic groupings of items are confirmed through multiple regression modeling (to understand the magnitude of the empirical relationship between survey items and key outcomes of interest), factor analytics (to ensure the integrity of the survey categories), various tests of validity (such as criterion and predictive validity, and non-statistical variations such as face validity), as well as reliability testing such as Chronbach’s alpha (to assess how well items are coalescing as categories). 

What type of questions were in the survey?

The survey had more than 50 closed-ended items that used a 6-point agreement scale where 6=Strongly Agree, 1= Strongly Disagree

What categories were included in the survey?

Survey questions fell into the following categories:

  • Compliance
  • Engagement
  • Supervisor/Chair
  • Career Growth
  • Teamwork
  • Quality
  • Pay & Benefits
  • Affinity
  • Executive Leadership
  • Department Head
  • Innovation
What is a key driver?

Key drivers are those items on the survey that have the greatest impact on engagement for our faculty and staff. These survey items are the most powerful building blocks of engagement.

What is the engagement index?

The survey results provide both overall scores, as well as engagement index scores. The engagement index score is derived from items on the survey that are most highly correlated with research on engagement.  

Taking the Survey

Who will the survey come from?

The survey will come from GallagherKnowledgeNowKC@ajg.com.

When can I take the survey?

You will be able to complete the survey starting March 2, 2020.

How long does the survey take the complete?

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Who should complete the survey?

All faculty and staff should participate on the survey. The more respondents we have, the more valid the survey results will be. 

Will faculty and staff take the same survey?

Two surveys have been created, one for faculty and one for staff. The surveys have questions that are common among both faculty and staff as well as questions that are unique to each population. Participants receive the survey appropriate to their role.  

What faculty groups were included in the survey?

All regular tenure/tenure-track faculty, research faculty and other faculty were invited to participate in the survey. Temporary appointments and retirees did not participate in the survey.

Will CU Boulder be able to identify my individual responses?

Personally identifiable information is released to no one outside of Arthur J. Gallagher. Survey results will in no way identify you individually, and aggregate findings will be used for organizational improvements.

Can I share my survey link with a colleague?

No. All faculty and staff will receive a unique survey link that is connected to your college, school, institute, department, supervisor, and demographic data. Surveys can only be completed once under each link.  This allows for the most accurate reporting and aggregated data back to CU Boulder.

Can I close out and complete the survey later?

Yes. Since the link is being used you are able to exit a survey and return to complete at a later time.  Once a survey has been submitted under a particular link it cannot be used again.

When will we see results?

Results will be shared in Summer/Fall 2020.

Who do I contact with questions?

You are welcome to contact the Department of Human Resources or Gallagher:

CU Boulder Human Resources 303-735-5503

Gallagher Help Desk 1-816-795-1947

Gallagher Help Desk Email  GallagherKnowledgeNowKC@ajg.com