At CU Boulder, we are committed to providing a quality and engaging experience for all faculty and staff, knowing that high engagement levels result in a better education for our students. As a research university, we feel it is important to do research on ourselves. A comprehensive survey ensures that we are making data-driven decisions to continuously improve while also continuing to bolster our strengths.  

The faculty and staff engagement survey was conducted in November 2017. All regular faculty and staff were invited to take the survey.

2017 Campuswide Themes

Two areas which need improvement were identified for the campus:

Career Growth and Recognition

  • Support for accomplishing career objectives
  • Developing recognition programs
  • Enhancing the environment that allows faculty and staff to grow and develop

 Key Communication and Information Sharing

  • For faculty, communicating key initiatives, providing reasons why decisions are made and having accessibility to executive leaders were identified as important
  • For staff, understanding the vision and strategic imperatives were identified as important

Faculty and Staff Survey Results

The survey results page provides the overall survey results for the campus along with response rates, engagement scores (overall & index), key drivers, highest performing survey items, lowest performing survey items and results by the following demographics:

  • Length of service
  • Generation
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Workplace Accommodations

View the faculty survey results

View the staff survey results