Note: This list is in progress and updated on a rolling basis as a comprehensive index is collected and collated.

Academic Review and Planning Advisory Committee (ARPAC)

The Academic Review and Planning Advisory Committee (ARPAC) is a campus-level committee reporting to the provost. At their November 1980 meeting, the regents of the University of Colorado called for the regular review of colleges, schools, and academic units. Administrative Policy Statement 1019 describes the directive to faculty and administrators to develop systematic procedures to identify academic program strengths and weaknesses, and to provide constructive options for program development and modification. More.

Provost's Faculty Communication Committee (PFCC)

The Provost’s Faculty Communication Committee was formed in late 2014 to examine communication between administration and faculty. In July 2015, the committee issued a report that identified areas in which communication between faculty and administration could be improved. More

Salary Equity Appeals Committee (SEAC)

The campus maintains a faculty committee for the resolution of salary grievances and oversight of the appeals process. More.

Unified Student Experience Project (USE)

This campus-wide project seeks to unify the online and in-person CU Boulder student experience. The vision is to create a cohesive and supportive experience for our students that engages them from their first inquiry about attending CU Boulder through successful matriculation and beyond as a connected alum. More.

Vice Chancellor's Advisory Committee (VCAC)

The VCAC is the campus level faculty committee that conducts reviews of tenure, promotion, and reappointment cases on the Boulder campus. In the procedures as described in the faculty Handbook and elsewhere, the VCAC conducts the "Second Level Review." More.