CVC Thermal Evaporator

3 boat thermal evaporation chamber with deposition rate monitored by quartz crystal monitor. Commonly evaporated metals include gold, chrome, titanium and copper.
CVC Thermal Evaporator

Magnetron Reactive Sputter

Sputter tool capable of depositing a wide range of metals. Large batch size.
Available targets include copper, tungsten, chrome, ITO, Hf, aluminum.
Magnetron Reactive Sputter

Reactive Etching 1

Capacitively coupled RIE system flowing SF6, CF4, O2 and Ar. Base pressure 50 mTorr, maximum power 400W. Commonly used to etch SiO2 and activate polymers.

Laurel Spin Coaters

Two programmable spin coaters, max wafer diameter of 100mm. Max speed 6000 rpm
Laurel Spin Coaters

Karl Suss MJB3 Mask Aligner

100mm mask holder, can align up to a 75mm wafer. 2um alignment precision. Mercury lamp.

Heidelberg DWL 66FS

Writes 100mm masks standard with precision up to 1um. Readable file formats are .CIF, .DXF, .GSDII.
Heidelberg DWL 66FS

Dektak 6M Profilometer

12.5 um scanning tip, can characterize a wide range of step heights.

Olympia Microscope

Optical microscope with front side and back side illumination, camera to capture images.

Oxidation Furnace

5” diameter tube furnace max temperature 1100 degrees. Capable of either wet or dry oxidation.

Annealing furnace

5” diameter tube furnace. Temperatures ranging from 250 C to 1100 C, can flow nitrogen or argon to purge tube.

Graphene Furnace

4” diameter tube furnace flowing argon, hydrogen, methane for depositing graphene and graphitic carbon layers.

Apex Etcher

Inductively coupled RIE with Cl 2 and BCl 3 chemistry.

Wet processing bench

Positive and negative resist process development and spinners.