Research has returned to full capacity 

New guidelines:

  • Masks covering mouth and nose are optional indoors starting 03/07/2022.
  • Find more details about the mask mandate at CU Boulder and about campus updates on the campus Covid-19 website.
  • Physical distancing is not required anymore.
  •  Even without the requirement for distancing, people should not crowd space at the instruments unnecessarily. People not involved/needed for an experiment should not “hang out” at the instruments.
  • Users should still use the spray bottles/paper towels to wipe everything down after use.
  • Sign-up has returned to the Google Calendar system we used before the pandemic. If you had access before you should still have it, if you were trained during Phase 1 and 2 please reach out to me and I will add you to the Google Calendars of the instruments you are trained on.