Technology and Financial Support for Students

Internet Access

During the COVID-19 pandemic, several classes may switch to type form of remote learning. For some students, however, the transition to remote learning may be delayed or blocked by their lack of stable Internet access or Internet access overall. To help make this transition easier, CU Boulder is providing resources for students in need.

  • WiFi Hotspots: In collaboration with the Office of Financial Aid, the Office of Information Technology, and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement, Norlin Library is making it possible for students to check out mobile WiFi hotspot devices, giving them free access to the internet anywhere near the Sprint network (LTE and 4G). These devices are circulated for the entirety of the semester with the option to renew for as long as needed. Due to high demand, these WiFi hotspots are in limited supply. Students will need a referral from OIT, ODECE, or Financial Aid before they can check one out. Those students without internet access will be given top priority. Get more information or request for a WiFi hotspot.
  • State of Colorado Broadband Office: the Federal Communications Commission announced the Keep Americans Connected Pledge (KACP) to ensure that people don’t lose their broadband or telephone connectivity as a result of emergency circumstances. View a list of Colorado providers who have signed with the KACP and are providing offerings to help support customers:
  • Lifeline Service: This federal program helps lower the monthly cost of phone and internet. Lifeline is available for either phone or internet, but not both. Eligible customers will get up to $9.25 toward their bill.
  • Laptops for Students: Lack of access to a computer is another barrier to remote learning. In collaboration with OIT and Property Services, ODECE is working to provide a limited number of laptops to students who demonstrate financial need. To apply, fill out this form.

Additional Funding Opportunities

  • Technology Grant: Through the Office of Financial Aid, students will be able to apply for a $1,500 technology grant, which can be used to meet any of their technology needs, including reliable internet coverage. The funding will be available until it runs out so there’s no application deadline.
  • Student Emergency Funds: These funds are being offered by the Division of Student Affairs, which can also be used towards better internet coverage. The value of the award depends on the needs of the student, but is limited to $2,000. Request a laptop or hotspot.

    Remote Teaching Resources for Faculty

    • Canvas Resources for Instructors: A compilation of helpful links and resources to aid Faculty, Lecturers, TAs, and GPTIs in using Canvas. Click here for PDF document.
    • ZOOM Resources for Instructors: A compilation of helpful links and resources to aid Faculty, Lecturers, TAs, and GPTIs in using ZOOM for remote teaching. PDF document is available in this link.
    • Remote Teaching Instructional Technology Resources: A select list of technology available to aid with remote and hybrid teaching environments. This list, linked here, is only a list of items. To check out any equipment, you must make a reservation in the Patron Portal.