Because of the high demand for equipment and the fact that late returns often irreparably inconvenience your fellow students' productions, late penalties are taken seriously.

Late fees

Each time equipment is returned after the due time on the checkout form, the student responsible for the equipment will be charged an administrative late fee of $10 per hour for every hour late each day, with a maximum of $30 per day. 

This late fee is non-negotiable and will automatically place a hold on your account, preventing you from checking out any additional items until paid. Also, failure to clear this debt can result in a hold on future registration and graduation.

Suspension Penalties

In addition to the above fees, a person may become suspended from using checkout if a pattern of abuse develops.

  1. If a late return or violation negatively impacts another student’s project, you may receive a one-week suspension from checkout in addition to any late fees assessed.

  2. A second violation within one semester will result in a two-week suspension.

  3. A third violation will result in a suspension for three months or a full semester.

Incomplete returns are equivalent to late returns and will be subjected to the same penalties.