University Exploration & Advising Center (UEAC) advisors support Exploratory Studies students. The advisors provide quality academic advising to assist students in transitioning to their best-fit major and work with you to: 

  • Create an academic pathway aligned with your personal and career interests.
  • Provide aid in choosing classes that encourage exploration but also make forward degree progress
  • Empower students to explore curricular and co-curricular options to make informed decisions about academic and career goals
  • Guide students in navigating university systems and processes
  • Connect you with a career advisor
  • Help open up new opportunities for discovery and exploring

Some students are selected to participate in one of our pre-majors, such as pre-engineering and pre-business. These students will work directly with advisors the respective school or college. UEAC advisors are also available if you’d like to explore additional academic and professional options. Your acceptance letter will indicate if you have been invited to participate in one of these programs.