Our mission is to prepare you to be as self-supportive as possible. The CU Events Calendar is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, yet it offers much functionality that we would like you to be aware of. These training tutorials are required for all events calendar administrators and are also available to act as reference. 

Step One - Calendar Overview

CU Events Calendar Overview

How do visitors interact with the CU Events calendar. This video will demonstrate the various interactions and choices visitors have when using the CU Events Calendar.
Step 2: Setting Up Your Workflow

Setting Up Your Workflow

Make yourself at home in the CU Events calendar. Learn to set up your workflow and profile.
Step 3 Add an event

Adding an Event

Adding an event is easy. Learn how the event calendar can make a positive difference for your event planning effort with its many options.
Step 4 Adding a Series of Events

Adding a Series of Events

This tutorial will show you how to add a series of events to the CU events calendar.
Step 5: Modify an Event

Modify an Event

This tutorial will show you how to modify a single event and a series of events on the CU events calendar.
Step 6: Marketing Settings

Marketing Settings

The CU Events Calendar service offers several features you may use to market your event. There is a limited emailing feature, an RSS feature, and a quick link feature to use in marketing emails or on webpages.
Step 7: Add a Video

Add YouTube Video to an Event

Promotional videos are often nice to add to your event listing. The CU Events Calendar service allows for embedding video hosted on major web hosting services.