Q. How can we/funding agencies better incentivize code authors to invest in code dissemination? How can we/funding agencies better incentivize data producers to invest in data sharing? How can the institute support modern software practices and sharing for CFD? What obstacles are disincentives in the community are prohibiting investigators from investing in open code and data sharing? 

Q. How can the institute incorporation artificial intelligence and machine learning into simulation and data analysis?

Q. How do we create and sustain a library of benchmark problems of varying complexity and which span the range of the model, simulation, prediction, and UQ for public comparison of methods?

Q: What is the center's goal towards developing/extending a standard for CFD and experimental FD data?

Q. URSSI, IDEAS, and other projects are focused on improving scientific software and productivity. What specific tools, process, and practices are likely to require specializiation to meet the needs of the fluid dynamics community? 

Q. How can we work towards reliability and robustness of CFD based simulations especially for flows around structures?

Q. Can common software be developed for data analysis of fields from higher order simulations?