Meet the Organizers

Meet the MBA student organizers of the 2021 virtual fundraiser. 

Richard Harrison - President of Barney Ford

Richard Harrison is a first-year MBA student at the Leeds School of Business. Before attending CU Boulder, he lived in Charlotte, NC and worked as a Business Analyst at Sealed Air. When he is not focused on school, he enjoys hiking, skiing, photography, and writing. After graduation, Richard hopes to enter the world of marketing and find a career in an industry that he is passionate about.

Reggis Guthrey - Vice President of Event Planning
Reggis Guthrey is a Dallas, Texas native and a first year MBA student at the Leeds School of Business. Prior to CU, Reggis received his Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in energy commerce with a minor in geology from Texas Tech University. His 4 years post-undergrad were spent working in the oil and gas sector in a variety of roles. He hopes to utilize his MBA by building upon his knowledge of contracts, negotiation, and finance in the oil and gas world and transition to a real estate or finance role with an emphasis on environmental stewardship and efficiency. In his free time, Reggis enjoys anything and everything there is outdoors (especially rock climbing), working on his house and adding albums to his ever growing vinyl collection as he waits for concerts to open up again!

Sophia Volk - Vice President of Marketing for Barney Ford

Sophia Volk is a second-year MBA student at Leeds. After receiving her bachelor degree in accounting at the University of San Francisco, she spent 2 years working as a Tax Consultant for a small Boulder firm and quickly realized this was not the industry for her. Always having her eyes on an MBA degree, Sophia chose CU for its top professors and leading programs in entrepreneurship. Thanks to the tools from CU’s marketing courses, she is now operating her own small freelance business to help small businesses optimize their performance. When not working on client or school projects, she can be found surfing in San Diego, bagging 14ers, or running!

Adrija Barvhadeesh - Co-Vice President of Donations and Sponsorship for Barney Ford

Currently a first-year MBA student, Adrija Barvadheesh comes from Chennai, India, where she obtained her undergraduate degree in law. She has two years of experience working alongside top executives as a Legal Counsel of a top Mutual Fund transfer agency, where she led efforts to successfully recover 85% of the debt due to the company. Adrija is focusing on specializing in finance and strategy. She chose Leeds for its renowned learning environment and positive attitude which encourages success. When not working on her studies, Adrija enjoys listening to podcasts, reading novels and is currently obsessed with the psychology genre.