Meet the Organizers

Meet the MBA student organizers of the 2022 fundraiser. 

Trevor Mayo - President for Barney Ford

Trevor Mayo is a first-year MBA student at the Leeds School of Business. Before attending CU Boulder, he grew up and lived in Marianna, FL. He worked in education for five years, three of those years were as a teacher, where he taught 1st, 3rd - 6th, and 8th – 10th grades. When he was not working at the school he worked as a Manager, Server/Bartender for five years at a restaurant. When he is not focused on school; he enjoys making memories whether it is outdoors, going to sporting events, hanging out with friends, or traveling. After graduation, Trevor hopes to enter the world of entrepreneurship and own a business in an industry that he is passionate about.

VP of Marketing, Maddie Green

Currently a first-year MBA student at the Leeds School of Business, Maddie Green has lived in Boulder over the last 5 years. Always having her eye on an MBA degree, she decided to pursue this program upon finishing her undergraduate degree at CU Boulder. Prior to starting her master's degree, Maddie worked in the website and graphic design industry for 2 years managing a team of employees and clients. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her dog, Scout, spending time with friends and family, and traveling. Following graduation, Maddie seeks to pursue a career in Marketing.

VP of Donations, Luke Burns

Luke Burns is a Leed’s School of Business ’23 MBA Candidate where he serves as the VP of Donations for the Barney Ford Scholarship Fundraiser Committee. His focus in the MBA program is real estate with an emphasis in finance. This career pivot comes after 11 years of state and federal service in an emergency response capacity where he learned to thrive as a part of a team in high stress environments. Luke enjoys being a constant learner and pushing himself into new environments. This can be seen throughout his time in the MBA program, where he’s been appointed as a Senator to the Graduate Student Body Government and sit on the Finance Committee. In his free time, Luke enjoys hiking with his dog Shiloh, skiing in Colorado’s beautiful mountains, and reading as much as possible. If you have any questions about the fundraiser or an aspect of my background, Luke would love to touch base.

VP of Donations, Ricardo Borunda

Ricardo Borunda is a second year MBA at the Leeds School of Business; he serves as the VP of Donations for the Barney Ford Scholarship Fundraiser Committee. Born and raised in Mexico, he is a Mechatronics Engineer that decided to purse a master’s degree in order to have knowledge in technology and business as well. Currently working in cybersecurity for the Office of Information Security here at CU. During his free time, he enjoys skiing, hiking, listening to music, and playing soccer.

VP of Event Planning, Max Denker

Max grew up in Milwaukee, WI where he loved playing basketball, riding his mountain bike, and learned how to ski on the Wisconsin "mountains". For the last nine years Max was in Madison, WI and made a career at Epic, an electronic healthcare SaaS company. His main responsibilities were people management, project management, staffing operations, and customer success. Max is currently pursuing his MBA, focusing on startup/high growth ventures and venture capital in hopes of being able to engage with people every day on their dreams and have more impact across multiple new companies.

Day of Coordinator, Clay Stanley

Clay Stanley is a second year MBA at the Leeds School of Business. He serves as the Day of Event Coordinator for the Barney Ford Scholarship Benefit Committee. He is the Director of the Leeds Venture Capital team (VCIC) and co-founded a search fund, Stanley Mueller Capital Partners,  to acquire a small business in Colorado. Outside of work and school, he loves to ski, hike, climb and play with his golden retriever puppy. Prior to moving to Boulder, Clay lived in Chicago for 5 years and was a chemical engineer for ONEOK, a midstream energy provider of hydrocarbon products and Deloitte Consultant. Clay is pursuing an MBA to further develop his leadership skills and financial toolkit.

VP of Sponsorships, Todd Fichman

Todd is a first-year MBA candidate at the Leeds School of Business and he serves as the VP of Sponsorship for the Barney Ford Scholarship Benefit Committee. At Leeds, Todd is focusing his studies on real estate and finance. Prior to attending business school, he worked in several marketing and sales roles back home in Connecticut. Outside of work and the classroom, Todd enjoys skiing as much as possible with friends and family, and he is also a PSIA Certified Alpine Level 1 ski instructor.