Sara Goldstein Poster

My name is Sara Goldstein and I am a sophomore studying applied ecology in environmental engineering. I am originally from Littleton Colorado and started here at CU in the fall of 2013 as a freshman.

I have wanted to be an environmental engineer since I was in 4th grade and with CU having one of the best environmental engineering programs around and being in state it was a no brainer to come to CU! I really like the environmental program because the professors and advisors really take the time to get to know each student and help them achieve their goals. The program advisors and a professor are always available to answer questions are provide advice.

I am currently involved with the Society of Environmental Engineers (SEVEN), the Global Engineering RAP and CU Swim and Dive team. I really enjoy being part of SEVEN because it allows me to meet other environmental engineers. Since the program is fairly small I really enjoy having a community of other environmental students. I also really enjoy being part of the Global Engineering RAP! In the RAP we take a global perspective while studying engineering and speak Spanish in the residential hall. I really appreciate being able to study engineering while continuing my language skills. In addition to these I have been a research assistant through DLA for a year now. 

When I am not studying, I really enjoy being outdoors skiing, hiking, swimming and enjoying beautiful Colorado! The farmers market is one of my favorite events in the spring and fall! I am really looking forward to being able to study aboard this coming fall in Spain. Eventually I can’t wait to be in Senior Design a few years and really being able to put all the concepts of environmental engineering together.


  • Tell us a little bit about the Discovery Learning Apprenticeship Program.

The Discovery Learning Apprenticeship Program is an undergraduate yearlong research opportunity where students apply to work with a professor on a project for a year. The projects are always extremely diverse and really interesting. It is a great experience to start working in a research lab!


  • What was your research on? Were there any interesting results, conclusions, or products?

My research was with the Institute of Climate and Civil Systems lab working on developing a triple bottom line perspective for infrastructure development planning.  I really enjoyed this project because it brought together the idea of sustainability, climate change, and infrastructure planning together in an interesting and applicable way. 


Sara Goldstein

  • Tell us about the award you won.

In the spring semester DLA hosts an end of the year symposium in which each student gets to present their research to the other students and judges. The students are broken up into different clusters which they are judged from. I was very excited to win my cluster for my research project! Now I will forever be remembered on their website!


  • What is the most interesting or significant thing you learned from this experience? What did you like most?

I learned a lot from working in the lab with other undergrads and graduate students. The most important thing I learned was that hard work really does pay off and it really is helpful to ask questions to better understand why things are happening. I found that after I started to ask lots of questions I became more interested in the research and it became more fun! I really liked being able to learn about problems I was very passionate about such as climate change and sustainability. It was even cooler to be able to apply them in a very tangible manner.


  • Any tips for other students who want to get involved in the DLA program?

My tip for any student wanting to apply for a DLA position would be to talk to the professor before applying about the research project. That way you can introduce yourself and see if the project is something that you would be interested in working on for a year! It also helps your chances of getting the DLA if you express interest to the professor.  

                                                                                                                        April 28th 2015