Jana MilfordJana Milford

Teaching: MCEN 4131 Air Pollution Control, MCEN 3012 Thermodynamics, MCEN 4228 Env. Modeling, MCEN 5228 Env. Law for Engineers, MCEN 4228 Sustainable Energy, MCEN 5032 Sustainable Energy, MCEN 5131 Air Pollution Control, MCEN 5228 Special Topics, Env. Law, MCEN 5228 Special Topics, Env. Modeling
Research: Air Quality Modeling, Atmospheric Chemistry, Air pollution source apportionment, Environmental law and management
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Shelly MillerShelly Miller

Teaching: MCEN 4131 Air Pollution Control, MCEN 4141 Indoor Air Pollution, GEEN 1400 Engineering Projects, MCEN 3121 Thermodynamics 1 and MCEN 3122 Thermodynamics 2.
Research: Urban Air Quality, Indoor Air Quality, Bioaerosols, Air Pollution Control Technologies including Infection Control

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Joe RyanJoseph Ryan

Teaching: CVEN 4424 Environmental Organic Chemistry, CVEN 5404 Water Chemistry, EVEN 4100 Environmental Sampling and Analysis
Research: Contaminant Fate and Transport in Natural Waters, Surface and Colloid Chemistry, Sources and transport of metals in watersheds affected by acid mine drainage

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Michael WalkerMichael Walker

Teaching: MCEN 3032 Thermodynamics 2, CVEN 4434 / 5434 Environmental Engineering Design, GEEN 1400 First-Year Engineering Projects




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Marina VanceMarina Vance

Teaching: MCEN 5228 Nanotechnology for Environmental Sustainability, MCEN 4045 and MCEN 4085 Mechanical Engineering Design Project 1 and 2
Research: Dynamics of ultrafine aerosols and consumer exposure to incidental or engineered nanomaterials     


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Amy Javernick-WillAmy Javernick-Will

Teaching: AREN 4506 Pre-construction Estimating and Scheduling; CVEN 5346 Managing Engineering and Construction Organizations
Research: Disaster Recovery, Community Resiliency, Knowledge Mobilization, Socially sustainable infrastructure projects, Engineering Education


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Cresten MansfeldtCresten Mansfeldt

Teaching: CVEN 5484 Applied Microbiology and Toxicology, CVEN 4544 / 5544 Resource Recovery from Solid Waste
Research: Environmental Microbiology, Biotransformation, Bioremediation, Bioinformatics, Wastewater Treatment


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