The Faculty Members participating in the Graduate program are listed in the table below, and include 11 female and 14 male faculty members. 

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Faculty Position, rostering department, and area

Balaji, Rajagopalan          

Professor, CEAE, hydrology, water resources and environmental
fluid mechanics
Bielefeldt, Angela Professor, CEAE, remediation and engineering education
Cook, Sherri Asst. Prof., CEAE, resource recovery and sustainability
Gooseff, Michael              Associate Professor, CEAE and INSTAAR
Emery, William Professor, AES, remote sensing
Hannigan, Michael Professor, ME, air quality
Henze, Daven Assistant Professor, ME, air quality
Hernandez, Mark Professor, CEAE, microbiology
Hertzberg, Jean Associate Professor, ME,   fluid mechanics
Javernick-Will, Amy Associate Professor, CEAE, disaster recovery
Kasprzyk, Joseph Assistant Professor, CEAE, water resources
Korak, Julie Assistant Professor, CEAE
Linden, Karl Professor, CEAE, water treatment
Mansfeldt, Cresten Assistant Professor, CEAE
McKnight, Diane Professor, CEAE, applied ecology
Milford, Jana Professor, ME, air quality
Miller, Shelly Associate Professor, ME, air quality
Neupauer, Roseanna Professor, CEAE, water resources
Pellegrino, John Research professor, ME, environmental separations
Rosario-Ortiz, Fernando Professor, CEAE, water quality
Ryan, Joseph Professor, CEAE, water quality
Silverstein, JoAnn Professor, CEAE, water treatment
Straub, Anthony Assistant Professor, CEAE, water treatment
Summers, R. Scott Professor, CEAE, water treatment
Vance, Marina Assistant Professor, air quality