SEEC BuildingThe following courses are regularly offered at CU-Boulder and are recommended as emphasis area or elective courses for the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. This list is not exclusive; other courses may be applied to the degree as determined in consultation with the student’s advisor.  In particular, CU-Boulder has rich course offerings that may be applicable in Aerospace Engineering Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Chemistry, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Studies, Geography, and Geological Sciences. Moreover, while the proposed degrees will initially be offered using existing courses, new courses are expected to be added based on student interest and faculty experience.

ATOC 5050 Atmospheric Dynamics
ATOC 5600 Clouds and Aerosols
CHEM 3311 Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM 4531 Physical Chemistry 2
CHEM 4181 Instrumental Analysis
CHEM 5151 Atmospheric Chemistry
CHEM 5161 Analytical Spectroscopy
CHEM 5181 Mass Spectrometry & Chromatography
CVEN 5313 Environmental Fluid Mechanics
CVEN 5323 Applied Stream Ecology
CVEN 5333 Multiscale Hydrology
CVEN 5343 Transport/Dispersion of Surface Water
CVEN 5353 Groundwater Hydrology
CVEN 5383 Characterization and Control of Bioaerosols
CVEN 5404 Water Chemistry
CVEN 5423 Water Resources Engineering
CVEN 5424 Environmental Organic Chemistry
CVEN 5434 Environmental Engineering Design
CVEN 5454 Quantitative Methods
CVEN 5464 Environmental Engineering Processes
CVEN 5474 Hazardous Waste Management
CVEN 5484 Environmental Microbiology
CVEN 5524 Water Treatment
CVEN 5534 Wastewater Treatment
CVEN 5537 Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering
CVEN 5554 Fundamentals of Air Quality Management
CVEN 5564 Water Profession - Communication and Utility Finance
CVEN 5565 Life-Cycle Engineering of Civil Infrastructure Systems
CVEN 5574 Water Utility Management - Current Issues and Future Challenges
CVEN 5584 Water Profession - Utility Leadership and Management
CVEN 5834 Special Topics: Analytical Methods in Environmental Engineering
CVEN 5834 Special Topics: Water Reuse
CVEN 5834 Special Topics: Sustainable Bioenergy Systems
CVEN 5919 Sustainable Community Development I
CVEN 5929 Sustainable Community Development II
CVEN 5939 Sustainable Community Development III
CVEN 5969 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
CVEN 6383 Porous Flow & Transport
CVEN 6833 Special Topics: Advanced Data Analysis
MCEN 5020 Methods of Engineering Analysis
MCEN 5021 Fluid Mechanics
MCEN 5022 Classical Thermodynamics
MCEN 5032 Sustainable Energy
MCEN 5040 Methods of Engineering Analysis II
MCEN 5042 Heat Transfer
MCEN 5057 Environmental Modeling
MCEN 5131 Air Pollution Control
MCEN 5141 Indoor Air Pollution
MCEN 5151 Flow Visualization
MCEN 5161 Aerosols
MCEN 5228 Special Topics: Micro-Scale Heat Transfer
MCEN 5228 Special Topics: Environmental Law for Scientists and Engineers
MCEN 5228 Special Topics: Chemical Kinetics for the Thermal Sciences
MCEN 5228 Special Topics: Inverse Methods
MCEN 5032 Sustainable Energy
MCEN 5228 Special Topics: Air Quality Measurements
MCEN 5228 Special Topics: Numerical Methods
MCEN 7221 Turbulence (ASEN 5047, CVEN 5454)