Jason Ren
Professor - on leave

Department: Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Education: Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, 2008
Teaching: CVEN 4484 / 5484 Introduction to Environmental Microbiology, CVEN 5834 Energy and Bioresource Recovery
Research: bioenergy and resource recovery, biological treatment processes, microbial fuel cells, oil/gas water management, water desalination

Honors and Distinctions:

  • 2017 Nanova/CAPEES Frontier in Research Award
  • 2017 The Michael Kavanaugh’s Best Podium Award in AEESP2017
  • 2017 Research Development Award, Department of Civil, Environmental, Architectural Engineering
  • 2016 Distinguished Service Award, Chinese-American Professor Association in Environmental Engineering and Science
  • 2015 New Inventor of the Year Award, University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office
  • 2015 Research Development Award, Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
  • 2014 (Faculty Advisor) 1st place in NSF Arlington I-Corps program review (Forrestal)
  • 2014 (Faculty Advisor) 2nd place award on oral presentation at NA-ISMET conference (Haeger)
  • 2013 (Faculty Advisor) Graduate School Outstanding Ph.D Dissertation Award (Wang)
  • 2013 (Faculty Advisor) Civil Engineering Department Outstanding Graduate Award (Wang)
  • 2012 Excellence in Review Award, Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T)
  • 2012 University Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Work, UCD
  • 2012 Outstanding Faculty in Research Award, College of Engineering and Applied Science, UCD
  • 2012 Chang Junior Faculty Achievement Award, College of Engineering and Applied Science, UCD
  • 2012  (Faculty Advisor) DOE New Venture Challenge Competition 2nd Place Award (Forrestal)
  • 2010 (Faculty co-advisor) Student Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Activities (Rhodes)
  • 2007 Student Research Award, Pennsylvania Water Environment Association (PWEA)
  • 2007 Student Research Travel Grant Award, American Society of Microbiology (ASM)
  • 2007 Summer Fellowship, Center for Environmental Chemistry and Geochemistry, PSU-NSF

Recent Publications with graduate students:
** indicates graduate student

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