EVEN Highlights:
First Annual Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Networking Event
Shell Ideas360: EVEN team representing CU Boulder made it through Stage 2!
Greene Won 3rd place in EWRI Student Technical Paper Competition
Prof. Rosario-Ortiz article in Science Mag "How do you like tap water?"
EVEN Prof. Rosario awarded a new NSF grant
Environmental Engineering Spring Seminars Calendar

Jobs, Internships, Research and Opportunities:
Aurora Water Conservation internships
Loveland Water Treatment Internships for Undergraduates
King County Wastewater Treatment Plant - 2016 Summer Intern Opportunities
Volunteer Intern Opportunity at Boulder County Public Health
Summer Internship Opportunities at Environmental Non-Profits in Washington, DC
SUNY-Buffalo Environmental Engineering Summer REU
Scholarship: SHIELD Scholar Program
Fulbright Student Grant for Seniors and Graduate Students
Water Quality Engineering position at Oregon State University
Job opportunity, BS and MS grads: Term hydrologist at the USGS in Anchorage
Post–Doctoral Researcher / Limited Term position at the Southern Nevada Water Authority
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Internal Workshops, Conferences, Seminars  
March 10th 2016: Energy Frontiers at the UMC
March 11th 2016 12:15pm at SEEC: Environmental Engineering Seminar
March 15th 2016 10am-2:30pm: Environmental Engineering and Water Networking Event at the DLC
March 16th 2016 11am ECCE 1B41: Hydrology & Water Resources Seminar
March 18h 2016 12:15pm at SEEC: Environmental Engineering Seminar

Conferences, Call for Abstracts and Webinars
Workshop: special topics in water supply & treatment for developing communities
Chapman Conference on Emerging Issues in Tropical Ecohydrology
Call for Abstracts - The Utility Management Conference 2017
American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting / Session Proposal
AGU Chapman Conference on Currents in Geospace and Beyond
(FREE) AGU/AGI Heads and Chairs webinar
Webinars: Optimizing Surface Water Treatment by AWWA
AWWA/WEF 2016 Student Conference Call for Abstracts

Other Announcements:
Engineering Center Quiet Area for Students
Challenge AT&T - Student Tech Challenge
EPA Volunteer Intern Fair - March 9-10, 2016

March 18th  2016: Last Day to Change Final Exam Schedule
April 1st 2016: May and August 2016 apply to graduate deadline
April 8th 2016: Doctoral defense/final exam deadline
April 15th 2016: Masters final exam/thesis defense deadline
Summer registration has begun. Fall registration begins March 28th.

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