The objective of the Environmental Engineering (EVEN) Bachelor of Science Degree is to produce graduates who are capable of reaching the following career goals three to five years after graduation

  1. Graduates will be employed in engineering, science or other professional careers
  2. Graduates will pursue professional registration or other appropriate certifications
  3. Graduates will be engaged in continual learning by pursuing advanced degrees or additional educational opportunities through coursework, professional conferences and training, and/or participation in professional societies.
  4. Graduates will be engaged in activities that provide benefits to communities, the environment, and/or public health.

These objectives reflect both the EVEN mission and the mission of the University of Colorado Boulder.

Our mission is to advance and impart knowledge across a comprehensive range of disciplines to benefit the people of Colorado, the nation, and the world by educating undergraduate and graduate students in the accumulated knowledge of humankind, discovering new knowledge through research and creative work, and fostering critical thought, artistic creativity, professional competence, and responsible citizenship.