Lau Malaver
Ph.D. Student
Critical Race and Performance Studies

Office Location: Ketchum 355

Pronouns: they / them / theirs



M.A., University of Colorado Boulder - Educational Foundations, Policy, and Practice, 2018

B.A., University of Colorado Boulder - Spanish Language & Literature, Humanities, and Ethnic Studies, 2015

Research Interests

Critical race and cultural social theory, queer and trans of color critiques, women of color feminisms, relationality, performance studies and theory, de/post/anti-colonial thinking

Lau Malaver is a third-year PhD student in the Department of Comparative Ethnic Studies. Their current research is focused on developing a praxis-oriented theory and metaphor called recovecos (Spanish for nook, hidden turn, and twist) that examines subject's relation and interaction with space (nook) and time (hidden turn), while interrogating and highlighting still-forming projects of performance and culture (twists), including that of critical ethnic studies. Grounding recovecos in theorizations of relationality and queer and trans of color critiques, Lau seeks to unveil the felt traces of societal frictions such as racial settler colonialism and capitalism, neoliberalism, white supremacy, and cis-heterosexism, by considering the theoretical, ethical, and practical challenges and responsibilities with which to resist. As a relational and affective framing, recovecos further interrogates: How does an aesthetic and political practice of resistance (and refusal) perform in the world while contesting regimes of power and dispossession? What kinds of vínculos/relations do these practices animate? Lau is committed to unlocking the potential of that which remains in(side) the nook, to be encountered in the hidden turn, and/or stuck in the messiness of a twist. Performing choreographies of care and resistance as these emerge from newly-formed vínculos/relations is central to new understandings of racial formations and place-based subjectivities.

Lau is the Center for Teaching & Learning Lead, co-founder of the Community-Building Series for the Department of Ethnic Studies, and co-founder of the Ethnic Studies Graduate Student Writing Group.

Featured Publications and Performances

Audio Intersectionality & Recovecos Performance (2020) Collaboration with Shawn Trenell O'Neal, Live performance at Imagined Borders, Epistemic Freedoms: The Challenge of Social Imaginaries in Media, Art, Religion and Decoloniality. Center for Media, Religion, and Culture, Boulder, CO. 

He Was Just Drunk & Quiero una novia (2017) Collaboration with Victoria Betancourt, Live performance at Night of Poetry: Readings by Latin American & Latinx Artists event by Latin American Studies Center, Boulder. 

“‘¿Eres cuir, or what?’” Latinx Disidentificatory Practices of Becoming." (2020) In Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities edited by Arturo J. Aldama and Frederick L. Aldama. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

 “Vida – Tanya Saracho, 2018—, Queer LatinX Cultural Production, Television seasons 1 and 2.” Fall 2019) In Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures 4, no. 1. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.