Generally, environmental engineers are creative problem solvers for issues like air and water pollution, toxic waste and unsafe drinking water. Environmental engineers can make a real difference in the survival of our planet. Depending on a student's chosen concentration, an Environmental Emphasis could lead to additional careers as hydrologists, natural science managers or environmental specialists. 

Engineering Plus; Environmental Emphasis + (chosen) Concentration degree requires completion of 128 semester hours of required and elective courses with a cumulative minimum grade point average of 2.25. Beginning with the incoming class of Fall 2016, all courses in the Environmental Emphasis require a minimum grade of C in each course.

The Environmental Emphasis Checklist, below the sidebar, outlines the specific courses required for the Environmental Emphasis along with the correlating e+ Engineering Core. The e+ Environmental Emphasis consists of 52 engineering credit hours, including a capstone design experience. Below are the total credit hours required for a degree in Engineering Plus; Environmental Emphasis + (chosen) Concentration:

  • e+ Environmental Emphasis 25 credits
  • Engineering Core 28 credits
  • e+ Concentration ~12 credits
  • Foundational Coursework (credit breakdown below)
    • Applied Mathematics courses 16 credits
    • Science courses 14 credits
    • Writing course 3 credits
    • Humanities & Social Sciences courses 15 credits
    • Free Electives up to 18 credits

​Total Credits:

  • ~128 credits