Generally, aerospace engineers design, test and operate complex aerospace and related systems. They often develop new technologies in specialized areas such as systems engineering, structural design, navigation guidance and control systems, production methods or many others. Depending on a student's chosen concentration, an Aerospace Emphasis could lead to additional careers in maintenance, manufacturing systems, materials and mechanical systems. 

Engineering Plus; Aerospace Emphasis + (chosen) Concentration requires completion of 128 semester hours of required and elective courses with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.25. All courses counting towards the required hours in engineering must have grades of C or higher.

The Aerospace Emphasis Checklist, below the sidebar, outlines the specific courses required for the Aerospace Emphasis along with the correlating e+ Engineering Core. The e+ Aerospace Emphasis consists of 52 engineering credit hours, including a capstone design experience. Below are the total credit hours required for a degree in Engineering Plus; Aerospace Emphasis + (chosen) Concentration:

  • e+ Aerospace Emphasis 22 credits
  • Engineering Core 35 credits
  • e+ Concentration ~12 credits
  • Foundational Coursework 46-48 credits (credit breakdown below)
    • Applied Mathematics courses 16 credits
    • Science courses 12-14 credits
    • Writing course 3 credits
    • Humanities & Social Sciences courses 15 credits
    • Free Elective up to 13 credits

​​Total Credits:

  • ~128 credits