The 12-credit hour Security, Defense, and Military Concentration* is for students planning to work for or with the military, and those interested in a broader understanding of security, defense, and military issues. This includes students participating in the ROTC programs at CU.

Below are the credit hours required for the Security, Defense, and Military Concentration:


  • 3 or more credits of 2000 level or higher courses from among AIRR, NAVR, MILR, or list below
  • 3 or more credits of 3000 level or higher courses from among AIRR, NAVR, MILR, or list below
  • 6 or more credits of 4000-level courses from among AIRR, NAVR, MILR, or list below**

2000-level Course Options:

  • Issues in Modern US Politics and Foreign Relations (HIST 2126) 3 credits
  • The Vietnam Wars (HIST 2166) 3 credits
  • History of War and Society (HIST 2220) 3 credits
  • Introduction to Peace, Conflict, and Security Studies (PACS 2500) 3 credits
  • Introduction to International Relations (PSCI 2223) 3 credits
  • All 2000-lvl AIRR, MILR, and NAVR courses 1-3 credits

3000-level Course Options:

  • Security Studies*** (PACS 3800) 3 credits
  • War and Morality (PHIL 3190) 3 credits
  • Revolution and Political Violence (PSCI 3062) 3 credits
  • War, Peace, and Strategic Defense Introduction to Peace, Conflict, and Security Studies*** (PSCI 3123) 3 credits
  • National Security Organization and Policy Making (PSCI 3191) 3 credits
  • International Behavior (PSCI 3193) 3 credits
  • All 3000-lvl AIRR, MILR, and NAVR courses 1-3 credits

4000-level Course Options:

  • A Global History of World War II (HIST 4050) 3 credits
  • World War II in Asia and the Pacific (HIST 4109) 3 credits
  • History of US Foreign Relations, 1865-1940 (HIST 4116) 3 credits
  • History of US Foreign Relations Since 1941 (HIST 4126) 3 credits
  • US Military Since 1898 (HIST 4146) 3 credits
  • The Vietnam War in Politics and Culture (HIST 4166) 3 credits
  • World War II in Southeast Asia (HIST 4448) 3 credits
  • Women, Gender, and War (HIST 4640) 3 credits
  • Senior Seminar in Peace, Conflict and Security Studies (PACS 4500) 3 credits
  • Modern Warfare: Terrorism, Ideology, Identity (PSCI 4243) 3 credits
  • All 4000-lvl AIRR, MILR, and NAVR courses** 1-3 credits

Total Credits:

  • 12 credits

*Concentration will be offered starting Fall 2019.

**Independent studies cannot count towards this concentration. 

***PACS 3800 and PSCI 3123 are very similar courses. Only one of these courses may count towards this concentration.

​​​​Note: Some courses may have pre-requisites that do not count towards this concentration. Contact your advisor if you have any questions. 

Note: The minimum grade requirement in all e+ concentration courses is a C.