The Geological Sciences Concentration is for e+ students who would like to acquire a basic knowledge of geology. The concentration requires a minimum of 15-credit hours in the geological sciences, including at least seven upper-division credits.

Below are the credit hours required for students who choose the Geological Sciences Concentration:


  • Introduction to Geology (GEOL 1010) 3 credits
  • Introduction to Geology Laboratory 1 (GEOL 1030) 1 credit

Choose One:

  • Planet Earth (GEOL 2001) 4 credits
  • Introduction to Earth Materials* (GEOL 2005) 4 credits

Choose One:

  • Statistics for Geography (GEOG 3023) 3 credits
  • Structural Geology (GEOL 3120) 4 credits
  • Sedimentology & Stratigraphy (GEOL 3430) 4 credits

Choose One:

  • Oceanography (GEOL 4060) 4 credits
  • Remote Sensing of the Environment (GEOL 4093) 4 credits
  • Principles of Geophysics (GEOL 4130) 4 credits
  • Principles of Geomorphology (GEOL 4241) 4 credits

​Total Credits:

  • 15-16 credits

*Not minor applicable

Note: Beginning with the incoming class of Fall 2016, all courses in each e+ Concentration require a minimum grade of C.

Note: Earning a Geological Sciences Minor requires nine upper-division credit hours; thus, an additional upper-division course is required for the minor. Students must also complete the 1000-level intro sequence.

Note: To get the minor, students must take at least 7 additional credit hours.