The 16-credit Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Concentration prepares e+ students to identify, analyze and understand spatial patterns. Coupled with CSCI 1300, the GIS Concentration augments deeper understanding of computation and analytical problem solving. All GIS Concentration courses require C minimum grade.

Attaining a GIS and Computational Science Certificate requires two additional courses (6-8 credit hours) beyond the e+ Concentration.

Below are the credit hours required for students who choose the GIS Concentration:


  • Statistics for Geography (GEOG 3023) 4 credits
  • Cartography Visualization & Information Design (GEOG 3053) 4 credits
  • Introduction to Geographic Information Science* (GEOG 4103) 4 credits

​Choose One:

  • Geographic Information Science Modeling Applications (GEOG 4203) 4 credits
  • Geographic Information Systems Programming for Spatial Analysis (GEOG 4303) 4 credits

​Total Credits:

  • 16 credits

* This course has prerequisites of GEOG 3023 and GEOG 3053
Note: Beginning with the incoming class of Fall 2016, all courses in each e+ Concentration require a minimum grade of C.