The 13-14 credit hour Environmental Policy Concentration prepares students to think broadly about the impact of environmental policy challenges, integrating knowledge of the three major forces that drive public policy - economics, values/beliefs and politics.

Below are the credit hours required for students who choose the Environmental Policy Concentration:


  • Principles of Microeconomics* (ECON 2010) 4 credits
  • Environmental Ethics* (ENVS 3140) 3 credits
  • The Environment and Public Policy (PSCI 3206) 3 credits

Choose One:

  • Principles of Macroeconomics* (ECON 2020) 4 credits
  • Climate Politics & Policy (ENVS 3022) 3 credits
  • Energy Policy & Society* (ENVS 3621) 3 credits

​Total Credits:

  • 13-14 credits

*While these courses are approved for H&SS credit, they cannot be counted both towards H&SS credit and the e+ Environmental Policy concentration

Note: Beginning with the incoming class of Fall 2016, all courses in each e+ Concentration require a minimum grade of C.