The 15-credit hour Computer Science Concentration* can make your engineering preparation attractive to employers looking for engineers with top-notch computer skills to support today's global economy. The discipline of computer science encompasses theory, experimentation and engineering design. As programming becomes more important in many technical disciplines, the C.S. concentration will further develop your creativity, precision and reasoning skills on your journey to become a well-rounded engineer. 

Below are the credit hours required for the Computer Science Concentration:


  • Data Structures** (CSCI 2270) 4 credits
  • Computer Systems (CSCI 2400) 4 credits
  • Discrete Structures (CSCI 2824) 3 credits

Choose One:

  • Algorithms (CSCI 3104) 4 credits
  • Principles of Programming Languages (CSCI 3155) 4 credits
  • Operating Systems (CSCI 3753) 4 credits

​Total Credits:

  • 15 credits

*Concentration will be offered starting Fall 2019

**Must be completed prior to declaring the Computer Science Minor, if you intend to complete a C.S. Minor.

Note: The minimum grade requirement in all e+ concentration courses is a C.  

Note: E+ students are guaranteed placement in each of these CS courses, but due to high course demand, your enrollment in some of these courses may be delayed by one semester. Due to these potential delays, it is thus advised that students begin working on the CS concentration in their sophomore year.

​​Note: Beginning with the incoming class of Fall 2016, all courses in each e+ Concentration require a minimum grade of C.