The 12-credit hour Business Minor Concentration is designed for students to perform in an emerging global business environment. Students are introduced to essential elements of Marketing, Management, Accounting, and Finance. For the Engineering Plus Business Minor Concentration, students can only choose between three different track options: Innovation, Analytics or Entrepreneurship—culminating in a capstone course that focuses on business strategy and development.

Foundation courses are available in the fall, spring and summer, while Track and Capstone courses are available in the fall and spring semesters only. Students taking summer courses must apply for the summer cohort and are expected to enroll in both foundation courses over summer sessions A and B. Students pursuing the Business Minor are required to apply to the Minor Program. The Fall deadline is October 15th, the Spring deadline is March 15th, and the Summer deadline is February 15th. Students need a minimum of 3 semesters in order to complete the Business Minor.

Below are the credit hours required for the Business Minor Concentration:


Course 1

  • Principles of Marketing (BUSM 2010) 1.5 credits
  • Principles of Management (BUSM 2011) 1.5 credits

​Course 2

  • Principles of Accounting (BUSM 2020) 1.5 credits
  • ​Principles of Finance (BUSM 2021) 1.5 credits

Course 3

  • Professional Business Plan Development (BUSM 4010) 3 credits

​Choose One:

Innovation Track

  • Managing Innovation I (BUSM 3010) 1.5 credits
  • Managing Innovation II (BUSM 3011) 1.5 credits

Analytics Track

  • Business & Financial Analytics I (BUSM 3020) 1.5 credits
  • Business & Financial Analytics II (BUSM 3021) 1.5 credits

Entrepreneurship Track

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship (BUSM 3030) 3 credits

Total Credits:

  • 12 credits

Note: Section numbers must match for the 1.5 credit courses (i.e. BUSM 2010-100 & BUSM 2011-100)

Note: Beginning with the incoming class of Fall 2016, all courses in each e+ Concentration require a minimum grade of C.