The 12-credit Applied Mathematics Minor Concentration is for students wanting to acquire in-depth knowledge of mathematical techniques, computational methods and problem-solving strategies which are increasingly important for analysis or modeling of real world situations. In addition to the four courses required for the e+ degree (APPM 1350, APPM 1360, APPM 2350 and APPM 2360), students who choose the Applied Mathematics Minor Concentration will complete the 12-credit hours of coursework required to earn a Minor in Applied Mathematics.

Below are the credit hours required for the Applied Mathematics Minor Concentration:


  • Matrix Methods & Applications (APPM 3310) 3 credits

Choose Two:

  • Intermediate Numerical Analysis 1 (APPM 4650) 3 credits
  • Methods in Applied Mathematics: Fourier Series & Boundary Value Problems (APPM 4350) 3 credits
  • Methods in Applied Mathematics: Complex Variables & Applications (APPM 4360) 3 credits

Choose One:

  • Upper Division APPM course at the 3000 or 4000 level 3 credits

​Total Credits:

  • 12 credits

Note: Beginning with the incoming class of Fall 2016, all courses in each e+ Concentration require a minimum grade of C. 

Note: Students must officially declare the minor with the Applied Math department.