The CU Teach Engineering Math Concentration offers students the flexibility to earn an engineering degree and secondary math teacher licensure simultaneously. This unique and interdisciplinary degree offers graduates a concrete and highly desireable skill set for future employment. This degree prepares 7-12 Math educators with the scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical literacy necessary to improve this teaching and learning of mathematics and engineering subjects in middle and high schools. The e+ CU Teach Engineering Math degree requires completion of all semester hours of required and elective courses with a minimum GPA of 2.75. It includes 28 math credit hours and 30 education credit hours, including a culminating semester-long student teaching experience in a middle or high school math classroom in the Denver Schools of Science and Technology (DSST), as required by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).

Students apply to the Undergraduate Teacher Licensure program through the School of Education, as early as their sophomore year, resulting in dual enrollment in both the College of Engineering & Applied Science and the School of Education.

Below are the Education credit hours required for the CU Teach Engineering Math Concentration:


  • Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching (EDUC 2020) 1 credit
  • Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design (EDUC 2030) 2 credit
  • Classroom Interactions* (EDUC 4060*) 3 credits
  • Language & Literacy Across the Curriculum* (EDUC 4232*) 3 credits
  • Differentiating Instruction in Diverse Secondary Classrooms*° (EDUC 4023*°) 3 credits
  • Project-Based Instruction*° (EDUC 5375*°) 3 credits
  • Teaching Design spring only (GEEN 4400) 3 credits
  • Knowing & Learning in Mathematics & Science (EDUC 4050) 3 credits
  • Student Teaching * (EDUC 4742*) 12 credits

​Total Credits:

  • 30 credits

* Restricted to students admitted to School of Education's Secondary Math/Science Teacher Licensure Program.
° Taken concurrently.

Below are the Math credit hours required for the CU Teach Engineering Math Concentration:


  • Calculus 1* (APPM 1350*) 4 credits
  • Calculus 2* (APPM 1360*) 4 credits
  • Calculus 3* (APPM 2350*) 4 credits
  • Differential Equations* (APPM 2360*) 4 credits

​Choose One:

  • Euclidean & Non-euclidean Geometry (MATH 3210) 3 credits
  • Teaching K-12 Mathematics: Geometry & Measurements spring only (EDUC 5830) 3 credits

​Choose Two:

  • Matrix Methods (APPM 3310) 3 credits
  • Discrete Math (APPM 3170) 3 credits
  • Complex Variables (APPM 4360) 3 credits

​Choose One:

  • Modeling in Applied Mathematics (APPM 4380) 3 credits
  • History of Mathematical Ideas (MATH 4820) 3 credits

​Total Credits:

  • 28 credits

* Also listed in e+ Engineering Core