• Want to pursue a customizable, design-rich engineering degree
  • Are passionate about an area of study outside of engineering
  • Have a dream to practice engineering that may not fit into traditional engineering structures or careers
  • Are planning to attend a professional school post-graduation (e.g. law, medicine or business)
  • Want to earn an interdisciplinary engineering degree that also prepares you for careers in teaching, product design, entrepreneurship, technical sales, pre-med, law or many others!
  • If one or all of these statements apply to your future goals, Engineering Plus may be the right engineering degree for you!

    What makes up an Engineering Plus degree?

    A B.S. degree in Engineering Plus is made up of Foundational Coursework, Engineering Core courses, an e+ Emphasis (in Aerospace, Architectural, Civil, Electrical, Environmental or Mechanical engineering), plus a chosen e+ Concentration either within or external to engineering. With 18 e+ Concentrations to choose from, students often pick CU Teach EngineeringEntrepreneurship, Economics, Pre-Med, Environmental Policy, or Business. This entails a minimum of 128 credit hours as follow:

    • Foundational Coursework: 46-48 credits
    • Engineering Core: 27 credits*
    • e+ Emphasis: 22-28 credits*
    • e+ Concentration: Generally 12-18 credits, which vary by Concentration chosen

    * Credits vary by the Emphasis chosen, but for graduation requirements, the sum of credits in the Core and Emphasis coursework must be 52 or greater.