A Few Weeks Ahead of Time

  • Make a Plan for Studying. Learning is a “bit by bit” activity, so prepare in one-hour segments over a several week period – best done early in the day when your brain is fresh. Don't try to study everything in one night; your brain just can’t do it.  
  • Strategize! Look at the number of problems in a given area, located on the website or at the end of the general information slides. Work hardest on the most critical areas and those you feel that you can readily master.
  • Look through the equation book. Be familiar with what is in it and what the equations mean.  If an equation looks totally foreign, seek guidance on that concept from a classmate, professor or online.
  • Focus on fundamental concepts. Don't worry about a very specific case or obscure equation. Often obscure cases are quite straightforward because the equations are very specific.
  • Check out FE Prep Materials. Engineering Plus has materials, such as practice exam books that can be checked out. If you are interested in checking out any materials, visit our front office in DLC 173 or email Christina Oerter.
  • Watch online tutorials and videos. You can find YouTube review session videos for most subjects.
  • Find sample problems in your textbooks and online. A quick google search for "Sample {insert subject here} FE Problems" will reveal some. Look in your textbooks or on the textbook websites for resources. 
  • Come to our Q&A session. Once a semester, e+ will host a Q&A session specifically to answer your questions about the FE exam. 

On Exam Day

  • Use the search functions in the equation book. You should have a subject index on the left side of the screen; it's a searchable pdf.
  • If your calculator quits, don't you quit! You can use the onscreen calculator.
  • Be aware of the time.
    • Skip difficult or confusing problems and come back to them.
    • Don't spend too much time on a stumper question or an unfamiliar concept. If you have time left over, you can spend more time in the equation book trying to figure it out.
  • Relax, breathe and stay calm. Remember that you solved much harder problems than those on the FE exam during your time at CU! So, you’ve got this. You don't have to get every problem correct and you can review the stumpers later.

Review Websites

Other Information and Resources

  • General Information
  • Topics Covered
  • FE Reference Handbook: Log into your NCEES account to download a free copy.
  • FE Study Guides: Available for check-out from Christina; email to check availability.