Finding the right e+ pathway is a collaborative process where you work with our academic advisor to set goals, address questions and check academic progress. With over one hundred e+ degree combinations, it's important to find the right engineering pathway for each and every one of our students. We highly encourage you to further personalize your experience by pursuing additional opportunities outside of academics. These opportunities could be leadership positions, residential communities, research opportunities, study abroad and more!

What makes up an Engineering Plus degree?

A B.S. degree in Engineering Plus is made up of Foundational CourseworkEngineering Core courses, an e+ Emphasis (in Aerospace, Architectural, Civil, Electrical, Environmental or Mechanical engineering), plus a chosen e+ Concentration either within or external to engineering. With 18 e+ Concentrations to choose from, students often pick CU Teach EngineeringEntrepreneurshipEconomicsPre-Med, Environmental Policy, or Business. This entails a minimum of 128 credit hours as follows: