e+ student teaching in a local classroom

Take advantage of the various education scholarships available to CU Teach students pursuing teacher licensure. We encourage you to apply for more than one scholarship. Please check out the list of available scholarships through CU Teach.

CU Teach Engineering Just Try It! Bechtel Scholarships*

  • $1,000/semester for EDUC 2020 Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching STEM
    Invites science, mathematics and engineering students to explore teaching as a career by providing first-hand experiences teaching science/math lessons in local elementary classrooms. Introduces theory and practice necessary to design and deliver excellent instruction. Master teachers provide ongoing support and feedback. Meets weekly on CU campus (1.5 hours/week) and involves five visits to an elementary school.
  • $1,500/semester for EDUC 2030 Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design
    Builds on EDUC 2020 and further develops lesson design and inquiry-based teaching practice. Offers opportunity to explore teaching career and learn about middle school culture. Master teacher provides support as students design and deliver lessons in middle school classrooms. Emphasizes assessment of student learning. Meets weekly on CU campus (2 hours/week) and involves five visits to a local middle school.

*Students must remain in the course for a full 10 weeks or else the scholarship allotment will need to be returned. Just Try It! scholarships are not for graduating seniors within 2 semesters of graduation.

Contact e+ ProfessorDr. Malinda Zarske, for more information and to apply for these scholarships.


CU Teach Engineering Bechtel Scholarship

Up to $31K in scholarship funds for your last 5 semesters: 

  • $4,000/semester for your 5th and 4th semester out from graduation
  • $6,000/semester for your 3rd, and 2nd semester out from graduation
  • $6,000 for your actual student teaching semester at DSST  – and an additional $5K student teaching scholarship that semester (a total of S11K during your student teaching semester!)

The CU Teach Engineering Bechtel Scholarship is offered to CU Teach Engineering students ONLY, by meeting the following requirements:

Contact e+ Professor, Dr. Malinda Zarske, for more information on the CU Teach Engineering Bechtel Scholarship.