CU Teach Engineering is an e+ Concentration for students interested in pursuing a secondary school (grades 7-12) math or science teacher licensure. CU Teach Engineering integrates design-focused engineering curriculum, extensive science or math content, education pedagogy courses and student teaching to create uniquely qualified STEM educators. The CU Teach Engineering Concentration is paired with Foundational Coursework, Engineering Core courses and a chosen e+ Emphasis. Students choose from CU Teach Engineering Math or CU Teach Engineering Science.

What you can expect from the CU Teach Engineering Concentration:

  • Earn a design-focused Engineering Plus degree: Earn a B.S. undergraduate engineering degree, focused on hands-on design, in your chosen disciplinary emphasis.
  • Join a teaching community: Find support and mentoring through master teachers as you join scholars dedicated to understanding, addressing and overcoming barriers to broader participation in math and science education.
  • Unique teaching experiences: The CU Teach Engineering Concentration culminates in a semester-long teaching opportunity or paid year-long apprenticeship at a high performing DSST (Denver School of Science and Technology) Public School.
  • Financial opportunities: Become eligible for the CU Teach Engineering Bechtel Scholarship, paid internships and potential loan forgiveness.

The CU Teach Engineering Concentration requires:

  • Completion of a Science (Physics, Chemistry or Biology) or Math focus area.
  • Education courses, taken through CU Boulder's School or Education, that provide ample in-classroom teaching opportunities as students gear up to student teach their last semester.
  • Parallel admission to the School of Education's Undergraduate Teacher Licensure program (starting as early as your sophomore year).
  • A semester of student teaching at a DSST school

Does CU Teach Engineering seem right for you? Get started and explore STEP 1 (EDUC 2020)!