What is Engineering Tools and Analysis - GEEN 2010 (formerly 3830)?

Engineering Tools and Analysis is a course students take in combination with Pre-Calculus or Calc 1A to apply mathematical concepts to engineering problems early on in their time in the College of Engineering. Through hands-on labs, you will explore common engineering techniques utilized across all engineering majors and disciplines. Each week, you’ll see how a specific math skill from Pre-Calc, Calc 1, Calc 2, Calc 3, or Differential Equations is critical for understanding circuits, predicting the behavior of mechanical systems, and more.

What can students expect in this class? 

Students will delve into engineering problems in a team-based, hands-on environment. The labs introduce students to multimeters, oscilloscopes, and a variety of sensors. Students will learn to program in MATLAB (no previous programming experience necessary), and collect and analyze experimental data in interesting ways. Throughout the experience, they will work collaboratively with other engineering students. There is one lecture, one mixed lecture/hands on problem session and one lab period each week. Students will absorb math content and gain understanding by working through real engineering problems by using real engineering equipment and tools.

Is this course required?

This course is highly recommended for all incoming first-year students taking Pre-Calculus or Calc 1A. Students can take this course in the Fall (given sufficient demand also in the Spring).


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your academic advisor or the Engineering Analysis and Problem Solving course instructor, Mr. Daniel Godrick (daniel.godrick@colorado.edu)

For more details about the course including requisites, please see the course catalog.