Engineering Plus student uses machinery offered through the ITLL.In Engineering Plus, students learn to create what they dream through hands-on, team-based design. An Engineering Plus degree is made up of Foundational Coursework, Engineering Core courses, a selected e+ Emphasis (in Aerospace, Architectural, Civil, Electrical, Environmental or Mechanical engineering), plus a chosen e+ Concentration either within or external to engineering. An e+ Emphasis establishes a disciplinary engineering foundation, while an e+ Concentration allows students to explore an additional passion, preparing them for a broad range of career opportunities post-graduation. Students gain confidence and professional skills emphasizing leadership, collaboration and communication, through multiple team-based courses.

Why Engineering Plus? Students can essentially design their own degree with the amount of flexibility and choice woven throughout. This hands-on, design-based engineering degree equips students with the necessary skills for careers, graduate school, and professional programs beyond CU Boulder.

What makes up an e+ degree?

A B.S. degree in Engineering Plus requires the completion of Foundational Coursework, Engineering Core courses, an e+ Emphasis and the chosen e+ Concentration. This entails a minimum of 128 credit hours as follow:

  • Foundational Coursework: 46-48 credits
  • Engineering Core: 27-34 credits*
  • e+ Emphasis: 22-28 credits*
  • e+ Concentration: 12-15 credits (except CU Teach Engineering which requires 26 credits plus subject matter courses, as required)

* Credits in the core and emphasis vary by the emphasis chosen, but for graduation requirements, the sum of credits in the core and emphasis coursework must be 52 or greater.

Students meet with an e+ advisor, prior to registration, to ensure their customized course choices meet the program requirements.
Engineering Plus curriculum meets the standards of excellence expected from all CU Boulder engineering degrees, and is seeking ABET accreditation as soon as the first students have graduated.