Student Volunteering

  • Ready to give back?

  • Get Involved?

  • Become a part of the ENVS community!

  • Have some fun!

Volunteering is a great way to achieve all of those things. Check out the upcoming opportunities on the right and sign up today!

Every student volunteer will get to adopt Stewart, a very happy Quokka. He will be featured on our volunteer tee shirts to look adorable and bring awareness to his species!

Stuart 2 Photo

Fun Facts:

  • Known as the "happiest animal in the world" due to their cute and friendly appearance.
  • Quokka's grin is largely due to their facial muscles and protruding front teeth.
  • No one is sure why their facial expressions resemble a smile, but some believe it helps them cool down.
  • Native to Rottnest Island in Western Australia, and are about the size of a domesticated cat.
  • They're herbivores and are mainly nocturnal.
  • They're very clever animals and can learn tricks, gestures...and simple commands!
  • They can live up to 10 years in the wild and 15 in captivity.
  • Quokkas are listed as vulnerable due to predation by feral animals, altered fire patterns & habitat loss.

Stewart won't be around forever, so if you're ready to adopt Stuart, contact to sign up!


If you have any feedback on how we can improve or change anything. Email to let us know how we can work with you to make this enjoyable for all!