Stefi Mitova
Ph.D. Student
Environmental Studies


  • BA Architecture, Wellesley College (2011)
  • MS Environmental Science, Wageningen University, the Netherlands (2015)


Stefi Mitova's work and interests are in the field of clean energy technology and innovation: particularly solar energy and electric vehicles. Research areas focus on optimizing the transformative potential of these technologies; building/ transportation energy impacts; integration into urban and infrastructural systems, etc. Sustainable energy production/consumption has been analyzed from environmental/ energy, economic, and technological point of view. 

Specifically, prior research covers: electric vehicle charging stations, car sharing, solar energy, wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, cap-and-trade, sustainable waste management, urban sustainability, etc. Research methods include data analysis, modeling, geospatial analysis, policy/economic evaluation, etc. 

Over the years Stefi has worked on electric vehicles at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (Washington DC); environmental footprint methodologies at the European Union (Brussels, Belgium); clean energy accreditation at the United Nations (Bonn, Germany), among others. These jobs have been a great opportunity to build analytical, project management, and professional skills; they have also allowed Stefi to collaborate with business, governmental, and public stakeholders in the field of clean energy technology.