There are many opportunities given that CU-Boulder leads the nation in environmental research support.

Student Projects

There are many options for participation in research given the diversity of environmental studies on the CU-Boulder campus. Such research is often conducted with participating departments or a research partner (research institutes and centers, or partner government agency labs in the Boulder area). A number of students have conducted thesis research as part of one of several long-term field research projects, such as the Niwot Ridge and McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER projects.

Research Assistantships

Students are encouraged to apply for graduate student research assistantships with faculty members at the University of Colorado. Individual faculty members, the Graduate Coordinator or participating departments can be contacted for additional information. Candidates with a strong quantitative background and with computer expertise are particularly welcome. Good initiative and communication skills are essential.


Students are also encouraged to apply for external scholarships to help fund their research.