Penny Bates Headshot
Undergraduate and Graduate Program Coordinator
Environmental Studies

Penny oversees general program coordination for graduate and undergraduate programs in Environmental Studies (ENVS). You can contact Penny for questions regarding the following:

  • Academic support includes course scheduling and classroom requests, catalog maintenance and updates, works with Undergraduate Chair on curriculum management, submitting CTUFs to Dean’s office, and enrolling students into Independent Studies and Research Studies courses.
  • Creating semester course listings for both undergraduate and graduate classes.
  • ENVS Graduate Award Applications: graduate student research grants, one-semester fellowships, and summer fellowships, etc.
  • Faculty support includes FCQ management, test/syllabus copying, and textbook adoptions/orders. 
  • Graduate Admissions (MS, PhD)
  • Graduate student monthly appointment hiring and Teaching Assistant assignments, payroll, offer letters, and tuition remission.
  • Graduate student advising/counseling/shoot the breeze
  • Graduate student desk space assignments. 
  • Inquiries about graduate program information for current and prospective students.  

Undergraduate students should contact their assigned Academic Advisor for questions related to the following:

  • Academic standing (e.g. alert, probation, suspension, and reinstatement)
  • Academic certification and graduation (e.g. letters of completion and retroactive graduation)
  • Change of Major, declare a Minor, etc.
  • Intra-university transfers to and from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences
  • Grading status changes after published deadlines for students (e.g. pass/fail-to-graded and no-credit-to-credit*)
  • Registration and enrollment changes, after published deadlines (e.g. credit overloads, late drops from an individual course, and retroactive adds into an individual course*)

*Note: Academic dates and deadlines are published for each academic term by the Office of the Registrar.

​​Please note that the primary college or school of the university in which the student is enrolled makes decisions on enrollment requests, such as petitioning to drop courses, even if the course the student is taking is offered by one of the other colleges or schools (e.g. College of Media, Communication and Information (CMCI), Leeds School of Business, Engineering, Environmental Design, Journalism or Music). 

If you’re not sure which college(s) you’re a part of, connect with an advisor by making an appointment in Buff Portal Advising. Dual-degree students (students pursuing degree programs in more than one college or school) should refer and adhere to the policies of their non-arts and sciences college/school.