Research Associate
Environmental Studies


PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder
MEM, Yale University School of Forestry
BA, Dartmouth College


Lydia's research broadly investigates the drivers of practical conflicts between people and large carnivores and the political conflicts between people over large carnivore management. She is interested in finding ways to improve policy at the local and regional scales for the benefit of large carnivore populations as well as rural communities. Her work is currently focused on understanding how different stakeholder groups contributed to the policy-making process for wolf management in the state of Wyoming, as well as the implications of this management policy on the ground. She uses several methods of inquiry in her work, including interviews, surveys, and participatory mapping. Lydia is also a research associate with the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative (NRCC) in Jackson, WY. When she isn’t in western Wyoming up to her neck in powder snow and wolf opinions, she’s wishing she was.