Krister Andersson
Environmental Studies • Political Science


  IBS 267

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  • Ph.D., Public Policy, Indiana University (2002)

Research Interests

  • Politics of environmental governance
  • Forestry policy reforms in developing countries
  • International climate change mitigation strategies.


Krister has worked with environmental policy issues as an international civil servant and consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the World Bank and non-governmental organizations in Bolivia, Costa Rica and Sweden, He served as a technical advisor on environmental conflicts in Ecuador's Ministry of the Environment in 1997-1998. Krister's research has appeared in World Development, PS: Political Science and Politics, Public Administration and Development, Climate Policy, Journal of Environment and Development, among other journals. He currently has two books in press. The first, The Samaritans’ Dilemma (Oxford University Press) examines the institutional incentive structures of development aid and is co-authored with Clark Gibson, Elinor Ostrom and Sujai Shivakumar. His second book features his dissertation work in Bolivia, and will be published in Spanish by Plural Editores in Bolivia (¿Cómo Hacer Funcionar La Gestión Forestal Descentralizada?).

Dr. Andersson's Ph.D. dissertation compared the conditions for effective local governance of natural resources among 50 municipal governments in Bolivia. Evolving from this research is his current book writing project, which bears the preliminary title Central Policies and Local Politics: The Conditions for Polycentric Resource Governance in Latin America. This book takes a comparativist approach to study the interplay between national level reforms and local politics in six Latin American countries. Relying on unique survey data from about 1400 interviews with local and national-level political actors, Krister analyzed the extent to which the conditions for polycentric governance help explain variation in outcomes at the local government level.

A Note to Prospective Students

If you are interested in working with Krister Andersson, please email him with your research interests and academic goals. Please be aware that Dr. Andersson may not be accepting new graduate students at this time.